How can I be a witch

? If you are living a life that's less than exciting and fufilled, then it's no surprise to me that you might ask yourself this question. A life without


is really no life at all. Thankfully, there is an answer to that question and with a little effort and dedication on your part, you will soon be on your way to a life full of mystery, charm, wonder and delight.
To become

a witch

does require some courage. As a counterculture type of religion, many poorly informed individuals often scorn witches and the practice of witchcraft as a whole. There is nothing evil about the practice of witchcraft yet many people believe it to be so. As a result, the practice of witchcraft is often taken underground. "Solitary" witches are witches who practice their religion alone. Many witches worship in this way to avoid the stigmatisms that still surround being a witch today.
Some people will have real reservations about delving into witchcraft. They will often confuse witchcraft with black magic. Real witches do not practice black magic or worship the devil and they don't have big warts on their face and go around putting curses on everybody who crosses them. Perhaps that's what it meant to be a witch in the past and in certain periods of history but that is not what it means to be a witch today. The meaning of the word "witch" has evolved with time but the true practitioners of the religion of witchcraft often referred to as "wicca" have always stayed faithful to a peaceful tradition.
Those who are not easily diswayed by the naysayers should begin their journey into witchcraft with a study of the history of the "craft". Learn all you can about the different traditions and sects of magick from wizardry and sorcery to herbal magic and white magic. Study the history of the occult to gain a better understanding of witchcraft today. With a little understanding of where witchcraft has been you will get a better idea of where it can take you. Then you will be ready to cast your own spells, charms and potions.
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